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Georg Adam Riedmann Family

The following is a short history of Georg Adam Riedmann, or Adam as he was called. At the bottom is also a list of his and his wife Elizabeth Gall’s descendants.

Adam was born in Stetten Germany on Oct. 5, 1875. He was the fifth of the thirteen children Georg & Maria Magdalena Riedmann had in Germany. He arrived in America at Ellis Island on June 31, 1902. The ship’s passenger record states he was Austrian, however, it also says he came from Stetten Germany. He arrived on the Furst Bismark via Hamburg as many other Germans did. Adam and Elizabeth were married in St. Joseph’s Church at 16th and Center St. on October 10th, 1904. Their first known Omaha residence was 1717-1/2 Lincoln Ave. Their first child, Andrew, was born on August 3, 1905. They must have had a very fast courtship, or they met each other in Germany before coming over.

Adam & Elizabeth Riedmann

According to their marriage license Elizabeth was born in Hungary. Elizabeth’s parents were Andrew and Susan (Seifert) Gall, he was from Hungary and she was from Germany. It is not known when Elizabeth came to America. The spelling of her last name is a mystery as all the Ellis Island records show that the Galls came from Great Britain. However, Gaal is a common name from Hungary. It could be it was changed when her name was officially recorded upon her arrival. Elizabeth had 2 sisters and a brother that we know of, however, their names are unknown.

Adam, as he was called so he would not be confused with his older brother Georg Michael, worked selling carriages in Germany before he emigrated to America. After he came over he lived in South Dakota for a short while but moved to Omaha because it was too cold. He worked in the packing houses as many of his ancestors did. It was a rough job and the company was ruthless. It had many similarities to the sweatshops we hear about in Asia today. Employees had to put up with such issues as not being permitted to take bathroom breaks, or having to pay the foreman half their wages each payday in order to keep their job. Smoking was not allowed, so the men would chew instead. The inspectors didn’t like that and made them use spittoons. Then they found that the spittoons were never cleaned so that was the end of that too. On top of this, the working conditions inside the packing plants were atrocious. Nothing like the plants of today. Eventually, the unions stepped in and improved many of their working conditions.

Around 1907 Adam left there and went to work at Metz Brewery. He would also use his brew-making skills like many other German immigrants and brew his own beer at home. Adam’s brother Georg also worked in the breweries in Omaha, including Metz.

Left to Right, standing: Bernice, Margaret, Bill, Andrew, Ann and Elizabeth. Seated: Elizabeth and Adam

Adam became a citizen of the United States on January 27th, 1914. He passed away on October 20, 1957.

The picture to the right is of Adam, his wife Elizabeth and six of his eight children. Madeline (Mel) is not in the picture as she passed away before the picture was taken. Another child, presumed to be named Adam as the death records show only an A for the first name, was born on Feb. 3rd, 1907, but passed away July 28th, 1907.

The family list below is broken down by each of Adam and Elizabeth’s children. Their children are listed first, spouse second. The grandchildren are listed under their parents and may not be in chronological order. This list is not complete and generally covers only two generations, with some exceptions. (Any help from the family to fill out the list will be appreciated.)

The Andrew Sr. and Lucille Riedmann Family
RiedmannAndrew Sr and LucilleAndrew d. 1/21/77
Lucille b. 1914
Lucille d. 7/24/70
    RiedmannAndrew Jr “Sonny” and Norma (Wilson)Andrew b. 12/2/31
m. 10/1/55
Andrew d. 11/30/00
Norma b. 8/15/31
Norma d. 2/9/01
         ClaussenDenise Madge and Jamesb. 11/9/54
James b. 2/18/54
               ClaussenAmy Juneb. 10/18/75
               ClaussenJennifer Lynnb. 1/19/77
         RiedmannMark Andrew and Pamelab. 4/15/56
m. Theresa Paul
m. LeAnn Campbell 6/1/89
LeAnn b. 6/16/59
m. Pamela 6/9/01
Pamela b. 1/9/59
Mark d. 12/12/08
               RiedmannCourtneyb. (Theresa)
               RiedmannCody Leeb. 9/13/90 (Leann)
               CampbellJoshuab. 6/29/87
               StromanKindra and Markb. 8/9/80
m. 10/31/03
         RiedmannRichard Allen and Peggy Jean (Harveston)b. 5/19/57
m. Peggy Jean 6/11/76
Peggy b. 7/7/56
d. 2/1/10
               RiedmannSarah Katherineb. 10/1/77
                    RiedmannSamuel Josephb. 8/21/99
                    BarlowTy Hunter Frederick10/20/02
                    BarlowKayka Valentina Jean10/20/04
               GillaspieMichelle and Chris 
         RiedmannDaniel and MarciDan b. 2/8/59
m. Terri Davis
Terri b. 8/14/60
m. Rhonda Whichman
Rhonda b. 11/20/63
m. Marci
               RiedmannDaniel Anthonyb. 4/4/80 (Terri)
d. 12/7/16
                    RiedmannAbby Buckholtb. 12/21/97
               SolomanCatherine Ann and Derekb. 10/30/83 (Terri)
m. 2002
                    SolomanHaileyb. 1/6/02
                    SolomanBrookb. 1/6/02
                    SolomanWestonb. 9/21/04
               RiedmannTucker Daniel and Brittany (VanMarte)b. 12/12/91 (Rhonda)
m. 2012
Brittany b. 10/13/88
                    RiedmannBraxtyn Tuckerb. 3/8/13
         RiedmannDon James and Marian (Walter)Don b. 2/8/59
m. Bettina Kiendl 7/1/81
b. 7/19/61
m. Marian 2/2/85
Marian b. 1/5/63
               MunzKatrina Marianna Christa and Nicolaib. 2/2/82 (Brittina)
m. 11/13/12
               RiedmannCaitlyn Marieb. 8/23/88 (Marian)
               RiedmannHIllary Leighb. 8/1/90 (Marian)
         ScottElizabeth Ann and Sethb. 1/26/60
m. 9/3/76
Seth b. 2/15/57
Seth d. 2/12/13
               GiersdorfDanielle Norma Margery and Bobby Job. 2/13/77
m. 6/13/98
Bobby b. 9/21/75
                    ScottErwin Burnellb. 12/5/95
                    Foster?Cindy?b. 6/10/97
                    GiersdorfGabrielle Josephineb. 10/31/97
                    GiersdorfBrandonb. 12/4/98
               ScottSeth Erwin Andrew Jr. and Tiffany (Ross)b. 2/2/82?
m. 7/7/01
Tiffany b. 12/18/77
                    RossChristopherb. 7/19/95
                    ShuckMatthewb. 12/1/98
               ScottAaron Trevor and Stepahnie Adamsb. 5/22/80 (adopted)
m . 5/4/01
Stephanie b. 11/7/81
                    ScottNatalie Joyb. 1/28/03
                    Scott2nd child 
               ScottAndrew Burnellb. 10/13/87
               ScottRacheal b. 5/2/89
                    WoodsSara Beth Magdalenb. 6/30/09
         RiedmannAndrew Lanman and NormaAndrew b. 5/22/62
m. Janet Hynek 2/11/84
Janet b. 12/2/64
m. Norma Hynek 9/8/95
Norma b. 8/18/60
               RiedmannChristopher Andrewb. 7/30/84
               RiedmannAmanda Kayb. 1/30/86
                    RiedmannNathaniel Antonb. 1/22/06
               RiedmannMatthew Gregoryb. 9/29/89
               RiedmannDillon Antonb. 12/14/94 (Norma)
         CheneyJennifer and Markb. 4/29/68
m. 12/12/92
Mark b. 1/23/65
               CheneyMax Abendigob. 7/14/94
               CheneyBruno Malachib. 11/5/97
         RiedmannScott Lee and Teasha (Schafer)b. 7/12/69
m. Tonya Rae Minor
tonya b. 8/7/91
m. Teasha 10/4/14
Teasha b. 7/17/78
               RiedmannTyler Scottb. 5/27/95
               RiedmannRebecca Reneeb. 3/19/99
               RiedmannMarcusb. 2/4/11 (Teasha)
    ChristiansonDorothy and BudDorothy b. 3/24/33
Dorothy d. 11/16/06
         ChristiansonRick & Sharonb.
         ChristiansonBobb. 12/27/69
m. 8/21/04
         ChristiansonBuddy & Pamb.
         ChristiansonTim & Nancyb.
    RiedmannRobert Eugene and PeggyRobert b. 9/13/35
Robert d. 1976
         RiedmannLeeAnnb. 1954
         RiedmannLorrieb. 11/14/58
         RiedmannSuzanneb. 1963
         RiedmannRobert “Bob” E, Jr. and Jenniferb. 12/27/69
m. 8/22/94
    StocktonMary Roseb. 1/24/37
d. 7/25/03
         WaughLarry and Mary Jo 
         WaughDaniel and Fumi 
         LeaTheresa and Bryon 
         MiddletonSusan and Melvin 
    RiedmannWaynem. Linda 11/5/66
div. 10/86
m. #2
         RiedmannJeffrey Adam and Noele (Petersen) m. 1997
         RiedmannVaressa Anne 
         UnavailableKristina Lynn and Steve 
         RiedmannKyndra Dawneadopted
               McRobertsJeremiah Richardb. 8/15/03
               RiedmannSecond Childb.
         RiedmannSavanah Rose 
         RiedmannGarrett Lyle and Rachel 
               RiedmannAnsley Kayb. 2/4/15
    SneedDarlene and Robert 
The Margaret Riedmann / Puggie Dean Family
DeanMargaret and Puggie2nd spouse – Sam Stover
     GregoryRita Clara and EmoryRita b. 3/13/26
d. 7/5/76
Emory b. 9/8/21
         GregoryEmory Jack and Corrinne (Bojanski)Emory b. 4/22/56
Corrine b. 3/28/61
m. 5/12/84
               RowenJennifer and JohnJennifer b. 10/9/73
John b. 6/7/74
m. 4/28/00
                    RowenKatlynb. 9/2/00
                    RowenKristinb. 9/20/01
                    RowenEmmab. 1/20/05
                    RowenTo be announcedb. 6/06
               GregorySarab. 8/7/85
     DeanDonald and Lorraine (Langle)Donald b. 5/10/25
d. 3/13/80
Lorraine b. 2/27/36
d. 1/19/06
m. 8/1/53
          RolandDorinda and NeilDorinda b. 8/30/57
2nd Spouse Neil
                    CourterDonald Jr.b.
     DeanLeonard and Mary Lou 
          WilliamsMary Margaret “Dolly” 
The Elizabeth Riedmann /Arnold Martin Family
MartinElizabeth “Liz” and Arnold 
     MartinArnold Sr “Arnie” and JanetteArnold d. 12/6/18
          BraymanArnette and Monty 
          BaumbachCindy and Mike 
          RatayDorothy and Tom 
          MartinArnold Jr. and Sharon 
     AgeeGerry and Bob 
     AndersonDelores “Dee” and Nels JohnDelores b. 7/14/35 Edward Kosack
b. 12/6/24
d. 10/26/82
Nels b. 2/17/16
m. 3/9/96
          KosackEdward Arnold and Barbara (Blume)Edward b. 6/9/54
Barbara b. 7/9/56
m. /73
               ScheuringLisa Marie and DaleLisa b. 2/20/74
Dale b. 7/8
                    ScheuringMatthewb. 9/9/93
                    ScheuringAngelab. 1/21/02
                    ScheuringStephanieb. 5/9/05
          ElroyDianna Lynn and Charles Jr.Dianna b. 1/2/56
Charles b. 2/11/55
m. 8/16/74
               ElroyKarylin Marieb. 9/12/86
               ElroyCharles William IIIb. 6/21/88
     MartinKenneth “Kenny” and Penny 
 one child 
     MartinWayne and JoAnn 
 3 children 
     MartinDavid and Jan 
     PinyardMarilynMarilyn b. 1/25/47
Jim b. 5/22/44
m. 5/2/64
div. Jim Ward 12/26/76
          SwilorDianne and Keithb. 11/29/64
Keith b. 7/27/67
m. 2/6/98
               SwilorRyanb. 12/3/87 
          WardSusanb. 5/30/68
d. 6/14/68
          WardJim and Lisa (Kramer)Jim b. 2/9/76
Lisa b. 6/5/79
m. 6/20/98
               WardDestineyb. 1/21/98
               WardMatthewb. 5/4/04 
     MartinJess and Tammy 
     MartinGene and Diana 
The Madeline Riedmann/Lawrence Hineline Family
HinelineMel and Lawrence 
          MalchowDaleb. 2/11/57
          MalchowWilliamb. 5/13/59
          SimandlLori and Richard 
               SimandlCatherineb. 6/25/94
               SimandlPatriciab. 6/10/97
The William Sr. and Betty Riedmann Family
RiedmannWilliam and Elizabeth “Betty” (Welch)William b. 6/18/04
d. 10/7/56
Betty b. 7/19/17
d. 2/16/08
    RiedmannWilliam (Bill) Jr. and Agnes (Czerwinski)
2nd spouse-Elizabeth Lube
Bill b. 12/19/41
m. 8/63
Bill d. 8/29/86
        RiedmannElizabeth “Beth”b. 5/23/65
            ?3 Children 
         RiedmannWilliam Jr. “Bill”b. 12/16/66
    DavenportSharon and MarshallSharon b. 2/4/40
         FloraDebbie and ScottDebbie b. 3/16/60
               FloraBrendenb. 6/16/88
               FloraRyanb. 4/6/90
               FloraDrewb. 7/17/96
         DavenportDavid & Laura (Zwadyk)David b. 11/29/61
               DavenportAshleyb. 10/2/89
               DavenportMarshallb. 5/20/92
         BlommelDawn and JohnDawn b. 11/28/62
               BlommelJennahb. 2/1/93
               BlommelCarolineb. 7/17/95
    RiedmannGary and NormaGary b. 5/26/46
         CoxLaura and Jefferyb. 1/4/70
         RiedmannGary “Pat” and Kim (Day)Pat b. 11/10/72
         RiedmannKellyb. 10/22/84
    RiedmannBruce and SueBruce b. 10/6/47
    RiedmannRoger and Shirley (Gredys)Roger b. 12/20/43
m. 6/19/65
Roger d. 6/27/97
         RiedmannJason “Jay” Eric and KrisAnn (Ekberg)Jason b. 9/17/74
m. 2/15/97
               RiedmannTobey Jackb. 1/2/01
               RiedmannXander Lukeb. 10/28/04
    MattsonMary and Robert Mary b. 7/10/56
               OlinMichelle and JohnnyMichelle b. 11/27/74
               MattsonMark and Sue BairdMark b. 12/21/77
m. 2/06
               MattsonRyanb. 5/13/83 (?)
The Ann Riedmann /Theodore Sakalosky Family
SakaloskyAnn Marie and TedAnn b. 6/25/16
m. 11/35
    GasperJoAnn and Louis “Ron”JoAnn b. 6/17/36
d. 10/10/22
Ron b. 1/12/35
m. 6/25/54
         GasperLouis and Carole (Pfeffer)Louis b. 10/28/55 
Carole b. 10/5/58
m. 2/4/78
               GasperJoseph Thomas b. 2/1/85
               GasperAmy Christineb. 9/12/90 
          GasperRussell Frederick and Anne (Tapley)Russel b. 5/24/58
Anne b. 8/22/64  
               GasperEmily Lauren11/4/94
          SevenerSusan Marie and DutchSusan b. 5/15/60
Dutch b. 11/10/59
m. 5/16/03
1st spouse Larry Adams
2nd spouse-Harry Moses b. 10/1/61
               AdamsErin Machelb. 7/8/81
               AdamsAmanda Berniceb. 8/16/83
               MosesJazmineb. 10/18/93 
          GreenJudy Ann and Jerry (Tony Lock?)Judy b. 9/14/63
Jerry b. 10/11/63
m. 9/2/82
               GreenLeeAnn Marieb. 1/9/92
               GreenSamantha Rayb. 1/29/94 
               GreenRebecca Lynnb. 10/9/95 
               GreenFaith Summerb. 6/13/02 
    CochraneBeverly Jean and RobertBeverly b. 5/24/39
Robert b. 1/22/38
m. 5/2/59
          CochraneRobert Leeb. 2/5/60 
               CochraneMelissa Jeanb. 11/21/88 
          CochraneGeorge Frances and Michela (Herbert)George b. 8/9/66
Michela b. 12/21/69
m. 7/13/96 
               CochraneDylan Scottb. 11/21/69 
          GourColleen Kay and KevinColleen b.
Kevin b.
m. 10//90 
               GourPatrick Michaelb.
               GourSteven Allenb.
    PollardJanette and EarlJanette b. 9/14/40
Earl b. 2/24/41
m. 5/6/61, div. ?
         PollardTerry Paul and Donna (Johnson)Terry b. 10/22/65
Donna b. 10/9/68
               PollardTrever Leeb. 10/6/00
               PollardTreten Lesb. 10/9/38 
     SakaloskyJim and Clara 
         SakaloskyMatt and Teresa 
               Sakalosky2 sons 
               Sakalosky2 daughters 
         SakaloskyJeff and Courtney (Churchill) Jeff b. 2/26/75
Courtney b. 3/24/75
m. 9/5/98
               SakaloskyKeeganb. 1/5/96
               SakaloskyKennidyb. 11/16/99
               SakaloskyKarsonb. 8/10/01
               SakaloskyKampbellb. 4/28/03 
         SakaloskyTodd and Joy 
               Sakalosky1 son 
               Sakalosky4 children 
The Bernice Riedmann/Joe Alyga Family
AlgyaBernice “Neitzie” and JoeBernice b.
Joe b. /18
m. 6/40
Bernice d.
Joe d. 2/12/07
         Joe and Bernice had no children