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Kathy Riedmann Kemler

Soak 2 cups navy beans overnight. Boil in water (about 3″
higher than the beans). Simmer 2-3 hours with 1/2-3/4 cup
onion, chopped and two grated carrots. Add 2 cups chopped
ham about 1 1/2 hours after you start cooking the soup.

Leslie Panowicz

3 large carrots, chopped
2 large onions, chopped
1 stalk celery, chopped
2 large bunches broccoli, chopped & steamed
Add water to cover veggies.
1 cup butter
1 1/4 cups flour
1 1/2 quarts whole milk
4+ cups grated cheddar cheese
salt, pepper, & worcestershire to taste

Boil veggies, except broccoli; cook covered until tender.
When done, puree boiled veggies along with half of the
broccoli. Melt butter; mix flour; let thicken for a minute.
Add milk gradually, stirring constantly. Add puree to soup pot;
add milk. Make sure milk and puree are of equal temperature
or milk will curdle. Add cheddar cheese when soup is warm
enough to melt it. Last, add remaining broccoli. Enjoy!

Theresa Riedmann Johnson

1 Tbl. oil
2 lbs. beef, cut in cubes
1 bay leaf
1 onion, chopped
1/2 cup barley
3-4 carrots, sliced
1 can tomatoes
3-4 stalks of celery. sliced
1 can V-8, 48 oz.
2 potatoes, cubed
1 qt. water (approx.)
1 turnip salt & pepper to taste

Toss beef in flour to coat. Heat oil in large soup kettle.
Add beef and onion, and brown. Next, add celery, tomatoes,
water, V-8, bay leaf, and dash of tobasco; bring to boil.
Reduce heat and simmer 3/4 hour. Add remaining vegetables
and barley. Simmer 1 more hour. This is a very hearty and
thick soup. It can be watered down if thinner soup is desired.

Linda Panowicz

Boil 1 minute, then let stand 1 hour:
1 quart water and 1 cup great northern beans
Fry 1/4 lb. diced bacon, 1 lb. polish sausage or italian
sausage sliced into dollars. Reserve 1 Tbl. fat to saute.
Saute in soup pot:
3 cloves minced garlic
2 cups chopped onion
1 cup sliced celery
1 cup chopped carrot
Add and simmer 1 1/2 hours:
4-6 cups chicken broth
1 large zucchini, sliced
1 cup diced turnip
large can tomatoes
2 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. pepper
1 bay leaf and1 1/2 tsp. basil
Add and simmer 15 minutes:
3 cups shredded cabbage and 1/2 cup small shell macaroni.
Serve with Parmesan cheese.
This is a thick, hearty soup. It may be thinned with water.

Margie Riedmann Sobczyk

1 cup dried white navy beans
2 cans condensed chicken broth (10 3/4 oz.)
1 small head cabbage
4 carrots
2 medium potatoes
1 can Italian-style tomatoes (1 lb.)
2 medium onions
1/4 cup olive or salad oil
1 stalk celery
1 large fresh tomato
1 clove garlic
1/4 tsp. pepper
1/4 cup chopped parsley
1 cup broken-up thin spaghetti
Pesto Sauce:
1/4 cup butter, softened
1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese
1/2 cup finely chopped parsley
1 clove garlic, crushed
1 tsp. dried basil leaves
1/2 tsp. dried marjoram leaves
1/4 cup olive or salad oil
1/4 cup chopped pine nuts or walnuts

  1. Day before: In bowl, cover beans with cold water.
    Refrigerate, covered, overnight. Next day, drain. Turn
    chicken broth into a 1-quart measure; add water to make 1
    quart. Pour into 8-quart kettle with 2 more quarts water,
    2 tsp. salt and the beans.
  2. Bring to boiling; reduce heat; simmer, covered. 1 hour.
    Meanwhile, wash cabbage, and quarter; remove core with
    sharp knife; slice each quarter thinly. Pare carrots;
    slice on diagonal, 1/4 ” thick. Pare potatoes; slice 1/2″
    thick; cut into 1/2 ” cubes.
  3. Add to soup with canned tomatoes. Cover; cook 1/2 hour
    longer. Meanwhile, peel onions; cut in half, slice thinly.
    In 1/4 cup hot oil in medium skillet, saute onion, stirring,
    about 5 minutes. Remove from heat.
    Slice celery, on diagonal, 1/8″ thick.
  4. Peel tomato: Hold tomato on fork over heat just to
    split skin; peel with knife. Slice 1/2″ thick; cut into
    1/2 ” cubes. Press 1 clove garlic. Add vegetables to onion
    with 1/2 tsp. salt and the pepper.
  5. Cook slowly, uncovered, stirring occasionally, 20
    minutes. Add to bean mixture with 1/4 cup parsley and
    spaghetti. Cook slowly, covered and stirring occasionally,
    30 minutes. Make Pesto Sauce: Cream ingredients in bowl
    with spoon or with mortar and pestle.
  6. Blend butter with Parmesan, parsley, crushed garlic,
    basil and marjoram. Gradually add oil, beating constantly.
    Add pine nuts; mix well. Serve soup hot, topped with a
    spoonful of pesto sauce.
    Serves 10.

Ruthann Panowicz Goularte

2 lbs. crabmeat
1 onion, diced
2 Tbl. worcestershire sauce
46 oz. chicken broth
1 cup dry vermouth
10 1/2 oz. tomato soup
2 Tbl. unsalted butter
1 qt. whipping cream
2 carrots, shredded salt and pepper

Mix worcestershire sauce and dry vermouth, pour over
crabmeat. Let marinate for 30 minutes before adding to
soup. Saute carrots and onion in butter in an 8 quart
stock pot. Pour in chicken broth, tomato soup, crab
mixture and whipping cream. Season with salt and pepper.
Simmer for 1-2 hours.
Serves 8.

Gayle Riedmann

1 large yellow onion, peeled and finely minced
1/4 cup butter or margarine
1/2 lb. fresh tomatoes, peeled, seeded and coarsly chopped
1/2 lb. carrots, peeled and cut into large chunks
3 3/4 cups chicken broth, divided
1 can (16 oz.) solid-packed pumpkin
salt & freshly ground black pepper, to taste
pinch of granulated sugar
2 Tbl. minced fresh basil (or 1 Tbl. dried)
3 Tbl. heavy cream (optional)
grated Swiss cheese, for garnish
Toasted curried pumpkin seeds* or croutons, for garnish (optional)

In large soup pot, saute in butter for 4-5 minutes. Add
tomatoes; simmer gently for 5-6 minutes or until tomatoes
become slightly mushy. In another saucepan, simmer carrots
in 2 1/2 cups chicken broth until soft. Combine cooked
carrots, hot broth and pumpkin in a blender or food
processor; puree until smooth, adding the remaining 1 1/4
cups chicken stock as necessary to achieve a thin creamy
Add pumpkin mixture to onions and tomatoes in soup pot.
Season with salt, pepper, sugar and basil. Fold in heavy
cream. Heat to serving temperature, but do not boil. Pour
soup into tureen. Top with grated Swiss cheese and toasted
pumpkin seeds or croutons, if desired.

Note: To toast pumpkin seeds, rub a little vegetable oil
on your hands, then rub 1 cup hulled pumpkin seeds in
hands to coat seeds lightly with oil. Place seeds on a
cookie sheet. Bake in a preheated 375 degree oven 15
minutes, shaking pan occasionally. Season seeds with salt
and curry powder to taste; toss to mix well. Bake another
5 minutes, or until crisp and golden brown.

Joyce Riedmann Vasha

I made this soup for Dad and Sharon when Agron and I were
still dating. Since this was the first dinner we had for
them, it HAD to be easy. Even though Agron and I were
nervous wrecks, it turned out pretty good. Dad and Sharon
loved it – and I don’t think they were just being nice!

1 1/2 lb. onion (4) 2 quarts beef bouillon (8 cubes)
1/4 cup butter 1/2 cup dry white wine
2 Tbl. vegetable oil salt and pepper
1 tsp. salt French bread (toasted)
1/4 tsp. sugar Swiss cheese
2 Tbl. flour

Cut onions into thin slices. Melt butter and oil in large
saucepan. Add onions and simmer over low heat 15 minutes.
Sprinkle salt and sugar on onions. Increase heat to medium
and cook 30 minutes, until onions are tender and brown.
Sprinkle flour over onions and cook 10 minutes. Stir in
beef bouillon and wine, salt and pepper. Simmer for 30-40
minutes longer. Serve hot with slices of toasted French
bread and grated Swiss cheese.

Mary Pat Riedmann Greene

3 Tbl. butter or margarine
1 cup chopped onion
3 cups potatoes, peeled, diced
3/4 cup chopped celery
3/4 cup grated carrot
2 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. white or black pepper
3 cups water or chicken broth (or 1 1/2 cups each water
and broth)
3 cups milk
1/2 tsp. dried parsley flakes

Melt butter or margarine in large saucepan. Add onion and
cook until soft. Add potatoes, celery, carrot, salt,
pepper and water or broth. Simmer until all vegetables are
tender, about 15 minutes. Add milk and parsley flakes.
Heat just to boiling, but do not boil. Makes 6 large servings.

Note: Chicken broth gives a richer flavor. I add a couple
of Tbl. of flour to the milk to add a little thickness.

David & Ruthann Goularte

2 Tbl. olive oil
4 cloves garlic, minced
2 shallots, minced
1 Tbl. finely minced fresh ginger
1 stalk lemongrass, cut into 1″ lengths (no leaves)
4 cups chicken broth
3 cups coconut milk
1/2 cup dry white wine
2 Tbl. fish sauce
1 tsp. Chinese chili sauce
large pinch of saffron
20 small mussels
1/2 lb. medium shrimp
1/2 lb. skinless salmon fillet
1/2 lb. vine-ripened tomatoes
2 Tbl. cornstarch
1/3 cup shredded fresh basil
Freshly grated nutmeg
salt to taste

Advance Preparation: Place a 4-quart saucepan over medium
heat. Add the olive oil, garlic, shallots, ginger, and
lemongrass. Saute until the garlic sizzles and turns
white, about 1 minute, then add the broth, coconut milk,
wine, fish sauce, chili sauce, and saffron. Bring to a low
boil, reduce the heat to low, and simmer for 30 minutes.
Cool to room temperature and, if completed hours in
advance, refrigerate the soup (up to 8 hours) in its
saucepan. Scrub the mussels, pulling away the beards from
between the shell. Shell, devein, and split the shrimp in
half. Cut the salmon into bite-size pieces. Set the
seafood aside in separate containers. Cut the tomatoes in
half and squeeze out the seeds. Cut the flesh into slivers.
Set aside.

Last Minute Cooking: Bring the soup to a simmer. Transfer
2 cups of the soup liquid in a 3-quart saucepan and bring
to a rapid boil. Add the mussels, cover, and cook until
they open, about 5 minutes. Discard any mussels that do
not open, then through a fine-meshed sieve, strain the
liquid back into the soup. Reserve the mussels. Bring the
soup back to a low boil. Mix the cornstarch with an equal
amount of cold water, then stir into the soup to thicken
slightly. Add the shrimp, salmon, tomatoes, basil, and
nutmeg. Simmer until salmon just begins to flake, about 1
minute. Taste and adjust the seasonings, particularly the
nutmeg, chili sauce, and salt. Add the mussels still in
their shells. Turn into a soup tureen or individual bowls.
Serve at once.
Serves: 4 as an entree, or 6-8 as the soup course.

Lou Riedmann

Make beef base out of left over steak, roast beef or stew
beef. Boil, let cool, take fat off. Take meat out; strain.

2 onions, chopped
1 small head cabbage, chopped
2 large turnips, cut in bite size pieces
2 green peppers, cut in bite size pieces
1 lb. carrots, cut in bite size pieces
2 large cans tomatoes, sliced
4 large potatoes, bite size
1/2 stalk celery, chopped

Cook in beef base until 1/2 done. Add barley, beans, rice
or whatever you like. Season with thyme, parsley, salt,
pepper and bay leaves. Add meat. Cook until done. Low
boil, simmer, takes about 1 to 2 hours or 2 Bud Lights or
one Martini. Serve hot with homemade bread or rolls or
Note: This is best when it’s cold outside and snowing.
You know it’s done when the windows steam up.

David & Kathy Quistad

Cioppino is an Italian seafood stew. This recipe was passed
down through Kathy’s family and has become a staple to us
during summer sailing journeys when seafood is plentiful and
of great variety. Although the recipe calls for fish (even bass
and crappie will do), we use clams, crab, or whatever is the
catch of the day. Its even better reheated the next day.

1 large onion, sliced
1 bunch green onions, including part of the tops, sliced
1 green pepper, diced
2 tsp. of garlic powder
1/3 cup of oil
1/3 cup chopped parsley
1 1lb. can tomato puree’
1 8 oz. can tomato sauce
Tomato sauce can of white or red wine.
Tomato puree’ can of water
½ bay leaf
3 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. pepper
1/8 tsp. each of rosemary and thyme
2 lbs. fresh fish

In Dutch oven or frying pan that has a cover, saute’ the onion,
green onion, green pepper and garlic in the oil about 5 minutes.
Add the parsley, tomato puree’, tomato sauce, wine, and water
and all the seasonings, cover and simmer 15 minutes. Cut fish in
pieces and add to stew. Cook covered 15-20 minutes or until done.

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