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Louis Riedmann’s Family

Lou & Josephine Riedmann – Golden Spike Days. ca. April 1939

Louis Michael Riedmann
Birth 3/4/1900
Marriage 5/2/1922 to Josephine Palupa
Death 11/2/1983

Josephine “Jo” or “Sallie” R. Palupa
Birth 3/19/1904
Death 9/11/1979

Their Children:
Pauline “Paula” F. Riedmann
Birth 2/4/1923, died 6/6/2013
Marriage 4/27/46 to Sigmund James Kulawik
Sigmund born 1/8/1919, died 4/14/83

Back row left to right: Helen, Paula & Sig Kulawik, Tom Redman & Mary Kay. Front row Lou, Jo and Denise Kulawik. ca. 1972

Helen Marie Riedmann Griffin
Birth 11/20/1926, died 9/14/2016
Marriage 2/20/1950 to James ‘Jim’ Griffin

Mary Kathryn “Mary Kay” Riedmann Reed
Birth 9/14/1942
1st marriage to Thomas Redman
2nd marriage 11/6/1979 to Larry Reed

The Children & Grandchildren of Pauline & Sigmund Kulawik
Christine “Chris” and John Drucker
Christine Born 4/16/47, died 12/31/12
Emily (Matt) Alm b. 7/8/76
Jeremy Drucker b. 12/13/78

Kathryn “Kathy” and Steve Larson
Kathryn born 6/5/48
Kimberly b. 10/30/75
Christopher (Brigit) Larson b. 2/14/78

Constance “Connie” and Alan Miller
Connie born 8/23/49
Matthew b. 2/24/80
Andrew Miller b. 10/22/87

Karen and David Davies
Karen born 11/24/51
Daniel (Monika) Davies b. 12/10/73
Kristina Cornwell b. 12/30/77
Marc (Clara) Davies b. 2/16/80
James Davies b. 5/15/84

Mark Kulawik
Birth 10/20/60
Never married

Denise Kulawik
Birth 3/28/64
Never married

Helen, Mary Kay & Paula Riedmann, ca. 1943

The Children & Grandchildren of Helen & James Griffin
James Griffin (twin) and Tammy
Born 3/4/1950

Kathleen Griffin Muth (twin)
Born 3/4/1950

Justine ‘Tina’ Griffin
Born 9/5/1951

John Griffin
Born 9/17/1954
Married Nancy (deceased)

Gail Griffin
Born 12/5/1956

Michael and Patty Griffin
Born 11/27/1957

Paula Griffin Fischetti
Born 5/30/1959
Married Paul Fischetti

William ‘Bill’ and Beverly Griffin
Born 8/11/1961

Thomas “Tom” and Stacie Griffin
Born 10/19/1963

Mary Kay and Larry Reed
No children, just cats

Lou and Jo are buried at Westlawn-Hillcrest Memorial Park Cemetery, 5701 Center St, Omaha, NE. They are in the Cedar Lawn Section, Lot 41, #1 & 2.

Updated 1/2023

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